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Glam Episode 4
Added 10/28/18    8216 views
2 reviews!
It's the glam Halloween Special, with two sexy ladies battling for the title of "Queen of Halloween." It's Bella Ink taking on Stephanie Stalls in 3, 5 minute rounds of nude, rude, face-sitting, leg spreading, mud wrestling action! Also included in...

Glam Episode 1
Added 6/1/18    7411 views
2 reviews!
Kat Shade, the Queen of 1980's Metal, takes on Tatiyana Killemoff from Russia (we think... maybe... ) in our first mud match. The over eager wrestlers jump the gun a bit, and a sound snafu cause a bit of confusion in the beginning, but once Referee...

5 files
Glam Episode 5
Added 2/2/19    6131 views
1 review!
What was supposed to be a tag team match turns into a handicap match when Bella Ink's partner doesn't show up. Confident in her abilities to handle two newbies, Bella goes up against the tag team of Elizabeth Kolton and Melissa Dangerous. It's hot an...

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Celebrating Halloween mud wrestling style.
Irene and Madison are the best duo when it comes to mud wrestling. Lots of submission attempts, and motor boating in the mud, I love Irene's accent for her character so spot on. Madison was very cute in this scene while she wrestles Irene. Another perfect Halloween mud wrestling match.
-Mudicon20    4/30/24    
Two babes wrestling and enjoying the mud together
This Halloween mud match was really exciting when I started watching it. I love the part where the mud was dripping from above right on their boobs while in slow motion that was really sexy.
-Mudicon20    4/27/24    
This scene is also hot as hell
Irene's performance for this scene is spot on. Searching for a tag team partner that just as strong, beautiful, and talented as her. Summoning Dani to prove herself that she is a worthy partner in an oil match was nice.
-Mudicon20    4/27/24    
First oil match I've ever seen and it was steaming hot.
This is the first oil match I have ever watched and I must say, it was both sexy and fun. I love the part where Irene and Terra were rubbing their boobs together in oil, and the motor boating as well. Both ladies put on a good performance in this scene.
-Mudicon20    4/27/24    
A title true to its name for the scene.
When I first started watching this scene, Faith and Sushii were not holding back after they Irene and her friend spread false rumors about each other, but they amazing from start to finish. The mud looked more softer than before a lot of face planting, and motorboating. If you are mud wrestling fans, give this scene a watch and get attached to the sexy fun from the models of Glam.
-Mudicon20    4/10/24    
Sexy women and amazing muddy action. A must have!
All I can say is Wow! The mud is the perfect consistency, color, and volume. The action in round three is everything! Your videos keep getting better and better. I have put together several mud wrestling sessions and know how much work goes into it. Your efforts are appreciated and certainly show in the final product. Keep up the amazing work and am looking forward to what you have in store next.
-wrestlefan    10/14/23    
Bubbles playtime in the mud with her friend.
This mud wrestling video was very entertaining from start to finish. Terra wanted to get the advantage against Irene but unleashed her hidden personality of bubbles. One thing about this scene I love the most is a lot of muddy motor boating.
-Mudicon20    5/23/23    
Sexy superhero versus sexy supervillain.
This episode was both sexy, and amazing to watch. I especially like the hypno boobs I could watch that part over and over and be under Silver Shadows control while in that mud ring.
-Mudicon20    9/25/22    
A newbies welcome to mud wrestling from a pro.
It's great too see Bella Ink return to the ring, and introducing Dani in her debut. I love the faceplanting they do to each other, and the different submissions to get the other to give up. In the end Bella is about to make Dani her plaything in the mud.
-Mudicon20    7/7/22    
A very sexy domination.
This was a sight to see as Madison threw Bella in the ring and made her beg for mercy. I also love the faces Bella makes as she being worn down like she's being seduced. So Hot.
-Mudicon20    6/13/22    
Beast tag team match I've ever seen.
This is a match of the century, these two teams really put on a show for their fans. I love it when all the ladies get involved like a free for all, and seeing them all together in the pit is like their playing around which made the match even sexier.
-Mudicon20    5/19/22    
I loved it!
What a fun video! The women all so beautiful the match was a blast to watch and I loved the characters and theme of this video. I am hooked and look forward to getting more Glam Wrestling videos. If you're a fan of mud wrestling this is an amazing purchase and you seriously can not beat the price.
-bendalf123    12/16/21    
A sexy mud match between these two.
This new Halloween theme mud wrestling scene was hot. I love how Madison tries to do a powerbomb but keeps loosing her grip which was really funny. In the end Bella playing dirty and using her magic to turn Madison into a mindless zombie was the icing on the cake.
-Mudicon20    11/27/21    
As sexy as episode six.
Madison and Bella made magic in this scene. I especially love it when Madison tricked Bella thinking she's a better wrestler than her, and pretends to play around and made her left her guard down and Madison pins her. This scene was totally worth the wait.
-Mudicon20    9/27/21    
A sexy mud play featuring a sexy gal with huge tittys.
This solo mud play with Stephanie was just drop dead sexy. I love how she flashes her boobs teasing the guest like she wants us to join her in the mud ring, and her poses are super hot she owned that mud ring like it's her new favorite hobby.
-Mudicon20    9/12/21    
A pro wrestler vs an amateur.
Two babes were trying to submit the other in the ring, but as they try to make the other submit their struggles sounded like moans like they enjoy it too much.
-Mudicon20    6/9/21    
A space girl vs a a russian ends in a muddy success.
This mud wrestling scene was really amusing. I like Jessica Starr's character like she wants to become ruler of mud wrestling, and tatiyana's character trying to stop her from ruling the mud wrestling ring. These two babes gave me a good show and they didn't break character.
-Mudicon20    6/9/21    
The lesson is "Never trust a snake"
The two new comers gave it their all and they came out perfect. I love how lady liberty tried to fight dirty by flinging mud at Anna conda but she missed. Overall these ladies started out hot, and ended up even sexier this is a must have for those who are new to mud wrestling.
-Mudicon20    4/20/21    
A sexy mud wrestling match between two Bellas.
These two went all out on each other. I love how Bella R. was teasing Bella ink like she's a newbie, but was able to make a deal with the ref to count slow on Bella ink's pins. When both gals ended up naked and continue to wrestle it got hotter. Keep the mud wrestling videos coming cause these two dominated this scene with their sexiness.
-Mudicon20    4/8/21    
Glitter's sexy beautiful debut.
When I saw glitter in this scene she was so awesome and was very excited to do her first wrestling match. I love how she was riding on Melissa's back like a pony, and when both ladies stripped naked it got even hotter. But the very reason why I think glitter is really awesome and sexy is on the extras scene is when she said " it's so much more fun in the mud" that was the highlight of this scene.
-Mudicon20    4/7/21    
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